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15 Minute set up

No need to code.

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Get a higher CTR than e-mail

Click rates are 20%-25%.

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Send notifications without an app

Users just have to subscribe to

notifications in your mobile site.

Scalable Plans

Upgrade to your plan when

you are ready & grow much faster.

Engage both mobile & desktop users

Push notifications work in all major

browsers, in both desktop and mobile.

Wordpress Plugin for quick setup

Set up push notifications in your

Wordpress site easily.

Customize your notifications, get users engaged

Target user segments

Create segments based on user

interest & activity. Target them

alone with relevant push.

Schedule your notifications.

Set the time. Or send push based

on user actons, like forgetting to

place an order.

Send personalized notifications

Personalize the message based on

user actions. Add buttons & images to

your notifications

See trends & statistics to help you grow

See user activity

Get the stats on how your

notifications performed

Export to Google Analytics

Sync Inform Visitors with any

analytics or data platform

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Use our calculator to know how

much you are earning every year.

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