Push Notifications

How is it any better than current methods?

We believe from the stats that browser based push notifications are a better way of engaging the users than the current re-engagement platforms

Current Re-engagement solutions:

  • Mobile apps have very low retention - Less < 20%
  • Cost of getting traffic keeps going up
  • What if there was a solution to notify the visitors who once came to my site later anywhere they are?

This is where Informvisitors comes into play


  • Push is device agnostic. Reaches right from a laptop to a tiny mobile
  • You can easily personalise messages based on the context of the user

E-Mail Marketing Vs Push Notifications:

  • Average mail CTR < 1% and this is going even down with exodus of more mails
  • Push has 10x CTR of mails and also is a lot more engaging to the user
  • For mail users need to be opening his mailbox which a lot many users just do 2, 3 times a day. Whereas a push can come whenever the device is online


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Our CLients

Over 100 clients have made informvisitors their choice of push


  • Wow. Never thought I could increase my daily userbase by 10% within a week. Within a week I got 330 subscribers and on my first push got 21% CTR. InformVisitors has given my business an amazing boost.

    Ankush, CEO @Ordervenue

  • We have 400K subscribers and we tried multiple push solutions. But everyone lacked in one way or the other. Some were very costly, some did not have many basic features.

    Rishikesh, Data Guy @Buyhatke

  • My blog visitors are extremely happy with the notifications. They earlier used to mention we miss out on reading some amazing articles on the site because we do not have a way to stay informed when a new article has come. With InformVisitors we are starting to make more money with every push

    Sarvesh, Founder @Earticleblog